25 Must Have Artist Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins for Artists – The Top 25 Absolute Must Haves!

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Being artists we love ourselves some fun art enamel pins. When searching for Enamel Pins for Artists, there where a lot of results. After scouring the web though countless websites, we’ve compiled some our our favorite enamel pins for artist. Oh yeah.. The headline says 25, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. We just had to add a few more in!


Artist Humor Enamel Pins

Who say’s art has to be serious? We love ourselves a good laugh every now and then. These artist enamel pins are perfect to get a chuckle out of anyone who see’s your fun pin. Want to know where to purchase these pins? Just click on the image for a direct link to the vendors online pin shop.

Drawer Enamel Pin

$9.00+ | via Cwilok

Till Death Do we Art

Till Death Do We Art Enamel Pin

$12.00 | via SugarnovaShop

Tortured Artist Enamel Pin

Tortured Artist Enamel Pin

$9.50 | via Odds and Sods

Art Theif Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via PinBoys

Eat Sleep Paint Repeat Enamel Pin

Eat Sleep Paint Repeat Enamel Pin

$9.99 | via The Gray Muse

Enamel Pins for Artists – Fun Brushes & Palettes

Let’s just say, there was absolutely no shortage of fun brush & palette pins for artists. Here are some of our favorites.

Wine And Paint (Paint & Sip) Enamel Pin

Paint & Sip Hard Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via The Paint Sesh

Artists 3 Pc Enamel Pin Set

3 Pc. Artist Enamel Pin Set

$6.24 | via honeysjournalingshop


Bob Ross Brush Enamel Pin

Bob Ross Brush Enamel Pin

$9.38 | via oddballpins

Higher Blend - Art Life Enamel Pin

Art Life Hard Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via Higher Blend

The Paint Brushes pin

Paint Brushes Enamel Pin

$10.99 | via The Gray Muse

Inspirational Enamel Pins for Artists

Nothing like a good ol’ fashion piece of inspiration. Or at least a flashy pin with a fun catchy saying. We happened to find these to be pretty fun.

Don't Hate Create Enamel Pin

Don’t Hate. Create. Enamel Pin

$11.00 | via HollyPixels

Make More Art Enamel Pin

Make More Art Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via SugarnovaShop

Good Vibes Enamel Pin

Good Vibes Enamel Pin

$11.00 | via JulieBeloussow

Make Magic Enamel Pin

Make Magic Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via AbbieIllustrations

Make Mistakes Eraser Enamel Pin

Make Misteaks Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via SugarnovaShop

Famous & Historic Artist Enamel Pins

Draw inspiration by rocking your favorite artist on your lapel. Check out these fun artist enamel pins we found online!

Bob Ross Enamel Pin

Bob Ross Enamel Pin

$11.00+ | via The Found

Frida Kahlo Enamel Pin

La Frida (Frida Kahlo) Enamel Pin

$8.00 | via RosaGuayabaShop

Pablo Picasso Enamel Pin

Pablo Picasso Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via Hideout Distro

Van Gogh Enamel Pins Artist Brooches Van Gogh & Ear Lapel pin Brooches

Van Gogh Enamel Pins

$5.99 | via Little Dots of Everything

Icon - Leonardo Da Vinci Pin

Icon DaVinci Enamel Pin

$8.00 | via Pin Museum

Famous Art Enamel Pins

Wear a classic on your lapel. How about a Picasso or Van Gogh?! Coming right up!

The Last Supper Enamel Pin

The Last Supper Enamel Pin

$16.00 | via Pin Museum

Picasso Drawing enamel pin

Picasso Drawing Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via PSA Press

Starry Night Enamel Pin

Starry Night Enamel Pin

$9.95 | via Pinsanity

The Last Kiss Enamel Pin

The Last Kiss Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via Pin Museum

Keith Haring - Heart Pin

Keith Haring – Heart Pin

$12.00 | via PinTrill

Composition II Enamel Pin

Composition II Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via Pin Museum

Great Wave Enamel Pin

Great Wave Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via Amazon

Salvador Dali Clock Enamel Pin

Salvador Dali Melting Clock Enamel Pin

$6.26 | via EastLondonPress

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