15 Creative Things To Do For Artists In Cincinnati

Things to do for artists in Cincinnati

If you’re an artist searching for unique and inspiring things to do for artists in Cincinnati, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve got a paint-splattered roadmap filled with creativity and a dash of quirkiness. Whether you’re a local looking for new sources of inspiration or an artistic traveler visiting the Queen City, this guide is your golden ticket to Cincinnati’s vibrant art scene. So, gather your tools, put on your most comfortable painting smocks, and let’s uncover the artistic wonders the city has to offer. Buckle up; we’re about to embark on a colorful exploration of Cincinnati’s artistic side. Get ready for a creative adventure like no other!

Paint & Sip with The Paint Sesh:

One of the best things to do for artists in Cincinnati is to join a Paint & Sip event. This activity combines painting and socializing, offering a chance to create a masterpiece while enjoying a drink.

Cincinnati Art Museum:

Things to do for artists in Cincinnati: Cincinnati Art Museum

Another thing artists in Cincinnati should not miss is a visit to the Cincinnati Art Museum. With a vast collection spanning 6,000 years, it provides endless inspiration and opportunity to learn from historic and contemporary artworks.

Community Mural Project:

Participating in a community mural project is an engaging and fulfilling activity for artists in Cincinnati. It allows artists to contribute to the city’s vibrant street art scene and collaborate with other local creatives.

Cincinnati Arts Association Events:

Cincinnati Arts Association is a not-for-profit organization that oversees the programming and management of two of the Tri-state’s finest performing arts venues: the Aronoff Center for the Arts and Music Hall. CAA is dedicated to supporting performing and visual arts.

Visit the Contemporary Arts Center:

Exploring the Contemporary Arts Center gives artists in Cincinnati insight into the latest art trends and possibilities for interactive exhibitions.

Over-the-Rhine Art Walk:

The historic Over-the-Rhine district provides a scenic art walk, one of the inspiring things for artists to do in Cincinnati. It offers a sense of the local art scene and plentiful inspiration from the many galleries and murals. You can even book a public mural tour of OTR murals or even Downtown, Cincinnati, or Pendleton with ArtWorks.

Manifest Creative Research Gallery Life Drawing Session:

Joining a life drawing session at the Manifest Creative Research Gallery is an excellent way for artists in Cincinnati to enhance their drawing skills.

21c Museum Hotel:

For artists in Cincinnati, visiting the 21c Museum Hotel, which doubles as a contemporary art museum, offers an opportunity to immerse in cutting-edge global art trends.

Art on Vine Event:

Participating in the Art on Vine monthly event is a great way for artists in Cincinnati to showcase their work, network, and connect with potential buyers.

American Sign Museum:

For a unique art experience, artists in Cincinnati can explore the American Sign Museum. This distinctive museum, focusing on sign art, provides an unusual source of inspiration, especially for graphic artists.

Pottery Class at Queen City Clay:

One of the practical things to do for artists in Cincinnati interested in 3D forms is to enroll in a pottery class at Queen City Clay.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum:

A visit to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum allows artists in Cincinnati to engage with outdoor art and nature, providing plentiful material for sketching or photography.

Final Fridays at Pendleton Art Center:

Participating in the Final Fridays at Pendleton Art Center is an opportunity for artists in Cincinnati to showcase their work, network with others, and discover local artists’ studios.

Photography Walk in Eden Park:

For photographers, one of the scenic things to do in Cincinnati is a photography walk in Eden Park. The park’s stunning views of the Ohio River and lush gardens offer plenty of subjects to capture.

Create Art at The Carnegie:

Lastly, artists in Cincinnati can immerse themselves in the local creative community, learn new skills, and exhibit their work at The Carnegie, which offers workshops, art exhibits, and theater performances.

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