The Paint Sesh turns 3

The Paint Sesh Turns 3!

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It’s been a crazy last year. Going from having to shut down our events to reinventing our events in virtual form and pressing on.. We’re proud to say, we’ve made it through another year. A little bit stronger and a little bit wiser. Most of all, a lot more thankful for all of you who have kept our business open for the last three years! Words can not express how thankful we are for everyone supporting our dream, so we’ve decided to give back! Come on through and join us for a FREE virtual paint sesh on October 21st at 6:30 PM PST.  We’ll be painting “Creative Magic”. A fun painting / homage to the tools of the trade that have kept us going.

Creative Magic Painting Class

“Creative Magic”

FREE – Virtual All Ages Painting Event

Wed. Oct 21st –  6:30PM PST
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