Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Artists and Art Lovers

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We all have that artist friend who’s hard to shop for. Luckily we’ve reached into the heads of our artists to bring you a simple go to list for any artist in your life. Beginner or Advanced, there’s something on this list any artist will be sure to appreciate.

Subscription to an art Magazine

Art Magazines
Simplicity is key! Sometimes something like a magazine subscription can make a world of difference. Monthly inspiration delivered right to their door is a great gift. Some good ones to check out are Art Review, Aesthetica, Art in America, Art News and Juxtapoz, just to name a few.

Collectible Enamel Pins for Artists

They’re simple, they’re small, they’re fun! Who doesn’t love a little jacket bling?! There are so many options when it comes to enamel pins. You could easily get lost for hours going through the options so we’ve listed a few of our favorite enamel pins for artists and art lovers below.

Bob Ross Brush Enamel Pin

Bob Ross Brush Enamel Pin

$9.38 | via oddballpins

Higher Blend - Art Life Enamel Pin

Art Life Hard Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via Higher Blend

Starry Night Enamel Pin

Starry Night Enamel Pin

$9.95 | via Pinsanity


Eat Sleep Paint Repeat Enamel Pin

Eat Sleep Paint Repeat Enamel Pin

$9.99 | via The Gray Muse

Art Theif Enamel Pin

$10.00 | via PinBoys

Bob Ross Enamel Pin

Bob Ross Enamel Pin

$11.00+ | via The Found

More Enamel Pins for Artists – The Top 25 Absolute Must Haves Click Here

Art Supply Shop Gift Card/Certificate

Art Supplies Store
A little bit goes a long way! Sometimes there really is no better gift than cold hard cash or a gift card to a local art shop. This way the artist can stock up on their favorite art supplies to help them bring even more creativity into the world. No art supply shop near you?! No worries! You can always purchase an online gift cart to the Art Supply Warehouse, Dick Blick or Michaels.

Artist Portfolio Backpack

Artist Portfolio Backpack
$29.52 | Artist Portfolio Backpack / Tote
Finally a backpack an artist can keep their supplies in! This specialized backpack has a large zippered main pocket, for holding unbendable large items such as 4K painting canvas panels, craft wood boards, sketching boards, drawing pads and well, the list goes on. It also features
a long front pouch with buckle design, suitable for storing drawing tubes, folding easels, posters, or other long items as well as a rectangle front pocket, for storing books, 8K sketch papers, painting panels, paint trays, pallets, palette boxes, paints, folding buckets. There’s even a front rope ring with buckle, designed for tying up your folding chair or easels. Last but not least, there’s small pouch on the left top, suitable for small stuff such as pencils, pencil bags, pens, paint brushes, erasers and all the other small accessories you can cram into it.

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Art Gallery/Museum Tickets

Museum Admission
The ultimate hubs of inspiration! Tickets to a local art gallery or museum can make the perfect last minute gift. Museums and exhibits can provide unfathomable amounts of inspiration for any artists budding mind. You can typically get gift certificates online or purchase them at the door. Pop those babies into a punny greeting card and you’re off to the races!

Coloring Books/Supplies

coloring book
What artist or art lover doesn’t love some art supplies? Coloring books are a great way for artists to let loose and experiment with color without having to worry about personal art style constraints. Exercising the mind can be as easy as picking up a coloring sheet and letting loose.

Digital Frame for Art & Photography

Starting at $595.00 | Meural Canvas Bring art to life with a smart art frame. Introducing, the first smart art frame to render images as lifelike as museum art originals. We combine modern design, state-of-the-art tech, and a passion for discovery. Meural Digital Canvas renders images lifelike and textured from every angle with glare-free finish and auto-dimming to suit the space, the mood, and the moment. Easily upload, crop and filter your own photos onto the large 27″ display with 1080p resolution through Wi-Fi connectivity.Art Frame Meural Canvas

With TrueArt technology, our proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software renders images lifelike and textured. Browse art and customize settings with a wave of your hand or the Meural app or with your voice through Alexa integration. Hang your Canvas in portrait or landscape – it’s easy to switch, and orientation is automatically detected. The ambient light sensor measures the room’s brightness and automatically adjusts to match, and puts the Canvas to sleep when the room gets dark.

The Meural canvas is designed to fit seamlessly into your home. The power button, light sensors, and gesture control sensors are all expertly placed to avoid distraction. It’s fun to customize, easy to control from anywhere. With the Meural app, you can discover art and control your Canvas on the go. Each image has an “art card,” detailing the history of the work and artist, with a wave of your hand.

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Creative Drawing / Sketching Books

642 Things To Draw

$14.35 | 642 Things To Draw
Dive into this treasure trove of offbeat, clever, and endlessly absorbing drawing prompts.

642 Things To DrawThe perfect inspirational guided art journal: A rolling pin, a robot, a pickle, a water tower, a hammock, a wasp, a safety pin, a kiss. Some are deceptively simple (just try drawing a bicycle!), some are conceptually mind-bending (sketching the sound of girlish laughter?), and some are refreshingly basic (the only hard thing about drawing an egg is deciding how you want it to be cooked). Hip and helpful, 642 Things to Draw is the perfect inspirational sketchbook, sure to entertain and provoke the imagination of anyone ready to pick up a pencil.

Budding artists and experienced sketchers alike will find themselves invigorated by this collection of unique and wonderful drawing prompts.

642 Things to Draw is a guided journal that will inspire creativity, energize the mind and stimulate artistry in any aspiring or skilled creator.

  • Makes a unique gift for artists of any age to expand knowledge and boost creative awareness.
  • A must-have for anyone who could benefit from an occasional creative brain break that is pure enjoyment.

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walls notebook$16.96 | Walls Notebook
The perfect notebook for the introverted street artist! Stretch you imagination and create street art in your notebook with this book full of fun textured walls to spark your creativity.

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Painting Event Tickets

Painting Class with The Paint Sesh
Paint & Sip Class with The Paint Sesh

Take your artist friend for a fun night out. Step into the drivers seat and embrace creativity by joining a Paint & Sip or Paint & Puff Painting Class. Get your drink on (or puff on) while an instructor guides you through the nights painting. No experience? No worries! Their instructor will break it down step by step from the color blends to the details.
Upcoming Events

Artist Apparel

The Struggle Is Real T-shirt
$16.99 | The Original “The Struggle Is Real Shirt” for painters & fine artists who know that paint brushes get cleaned in paint water.. Not in coffee. That’s why they call it paint water. Show your frustration with this fine artist t-shirt. Great gift for artists!
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