Recommended Painting Kits for Painting at Home

Trying to find out what painting supplies you need can be overwhelming especially when you walk into a Michael’s or shopping around on Amazon. We’ve had a lot of people asking us what supplies to purchase, or our recommended painting kits where. There were just too many options and way too little time to test them all so we decided to create our own! The Paint Sesh now carries several different Painting Kits so you can get your paint on at home just like you would at one of our public events.

Beginner Painting Kit – The Essentials

Wanting an all-in-one painting kit? This kit includes up to 12 different high quality acrylic paint colors, Nylon Hair Brush Set, an 11×14 stretched canvas, aFold & Stick Cardboard Easel, Paint Mixing Plate, Paper Towels & Disposable Apron & a Mystery Gift. This Kit starts at $25 and goes up to $32 for the upgraded paint set

Paint at Home Kit - Virtual Painting Kit
Paint at Home Kit – Virtual Painting Kit
The Essentials All-In-One Kit

Experienced Painter? Switch it up!

A great option for more experienced artists. Try out a different surface. Our DIY Paint Your Own Tote Bag is just the thing to stretch out that creative muscle.

Paint Your Own Tote Bag in a Box

Purchase Expert All-In-One Kit


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