Recommended Painting Kits for Painting at Home

Recommended Painting Kits for Painting at Home

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Trying to find out what painting supplies you need can be overwhelming especially when you walk into Michael’s. We had previously created another in-depth blog article: Acrylic Painting Supplies: A Beginners Shopping List which goes into a lot more detail about the different options of all the painting supplies. Since then we wanted to simplify with another article with recommended painting kits so you can easily paint in the comfort of your own home. We’ve narrowed down our top picks so you can get the best bang for your buck!


Shortcut to Painting Kits

Beginner: Easel, Acrylic Paint, Canvas, & Brushes

Wanting an all-in-one painting kit with an easel? This is our pick! Includes 12 different acrylic paint colors, 7 Piece Nylon Hair Brush Set, 15 Piece Multipurpose Brush Set, 11×14 stretched canvas, 8×10 stretched canvas, and tabletop easel.

That’s not all this painting kit comes with some optional painting supplies as well including a plastic palette and color wheel. (We don’t use color wheels but it’s great for first-times!)

Purchase Beginner All-In-One Kit

Experienced: Easel, Acrylic Paint, Canvas, & Brushes

A great option for more experienced artists. If you need everything to get started, including an easel! Includes 24 different acrylic paint colors, 15 quality brushes, 11×14 stretched canvas and tabletop easel.

Purchase Expert All-In-One Kit

No Easel Necessary: Acrylic Paint, Canvas, & Brushes

If you don’t need/want an easel than this is a great alternative. You’re only as good as the tools you have. We specifically like this painting kit for the brushes. This painting kit includes 12 different acrylic paint colors, 6 quality brushes, and 3- 8×10 stretched canvas panels.

Get Your Kit

Great Duo: Paint and Brushes Only

Maybe you only want acrylic paint and brushes. This great duo is the one we recommend because the brushes are actually decent.


Buy Duo Kit

Beginner One Time Use: Paint Only

Maybe you have everything else and only need paint. If you are just painting for this first time or just want to paint one painting this a great selection.

Stock Up on Paint

Quality Primary Paint Colors: Paint Only

If you only need to re-up on some paint and only want the primary colors this is our pick for best quantity and quality! 

Purchase Primary Paint

6 Pack – 11×14 Canvas Boards: Canvas Only

Great if you are planning on diving into painting!  This 6 pack of 11×14 of flat canvas panels is a great size for both kids and adults.

Stock Up on Canvas

Michael’s Stretched Canvas Packs: Canvas Only

Another great option if you plan on doing a lot of painting or having friends and family over for a painting party at home. With plenty of size options you can’t go wrong!

$10 Super Value Canvas Packs at Michaels! - The Krazy Coupon Lady

9x12 Canvas – Great for Kids.

11x14 Canvas – Great for Everyone!

12x16 Canvas – Great for Teens and Adults.

16x20 Canvas – Great for Adults and Experienced Painters.

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