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Press: Adventures with Flowers: The Paint Sesh SoCal

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It’s always nice to get a notification you’ve been mentioned in a new article. Today was no different! We just read a nice write up from the nice peeps at CBDTesters.Co. We had recently been visited by one of their writers who after her experience decided to write a fun article about it.

Between the smoking and music, it was easy to just get lost in what I was doing and really enjoy the process of painting. Chelz not only taught us how to paint that specific piece, but she also gave us some helpful tips and techniques that we can take home with us, should anyone ever want to ‘Paint and Puff’ on their own time.

The writer Alexandra Hicks goes into details about the experience from start to finish, so if you’ve been looking to attend a local sesh, feel free to take a read from a customers perspective.

Head on over to their website for a full read.

Adventures with Flowers: The Paint Sesh SoCal: https://cbdtesters.co/2019/09/12/adventures-with-flowers-the-paint-sesh-socal/

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