The latest night lit and black light activities you’ll want to check out

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We’ve compiled some of the most exciting night lit and black light activities in California. Whether you’re a nature lover, adventurer, sporty or artistic, we’ve managed to find lit activity for everyone!

Enchanted Forest of Light

Descanso Gardens Lit Up | Nov. 17 – Jan 5, 2020 | Flintridge, CA | $23 – $28/Person
Enchanted is an interactive, nighttime experience unlike anything else in Los Angeles, featuring a one-mile walk through unique lighting experiences in some of the most beloved areas of Descanso.

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Black Light Run (Runing for a Cause!)

Black Light Run
image via: Black Light Run

Black Light / Neon 5K | San Diego, Bakersfield | $40/Person
The Blacklight Run™ is none other than the brightest, most fun run with distances up to 5k out there. At the Blacklight Run™ they aren’t focused on how fast or how far you can run, what type of exercise you enjoy, or if you’re an avid runner. Instead, they welcome any and all participants looking for a glowing good time. Whether you sprint it, run it, or walk it, it doesn’t matter to them! they simply want you to enjoy it. Those three miles will be the best three miles you’ve ever spent with your friends and family—we promise!

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Halloween Black-light Paint & Puff (420 Friendly Painting)

Halloween Paint And Puff Event San Bernardino

Painting Party with The Paint Sesh | San Bernardino, CA | $45/Person
If you’ve been looking for just the right activity to celebrate Halloween / Dia De Los Muertos, then we have just the thing you’ve been looking for! Join The Paint Sesh’s 420 Halloween Paint Sesh and get our puff on while we paint La Luna in San Bernardino, CA. At this 420 friendly sesh the instructor/entertainer will guide you and your friends through two hours of lively creativity, puffs, laughs and lets be honest, art is a form of creative therapy so you don’t have to feel bad for treating yourself a fun night out! No experience needed to have a good time. Just bring a friend or two, take a rip and we’ll take care of the rest. See you there!


Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Glo Black Light Golf Riverside, CA
Glo | Riverside, CA | $12 – 14/Person
Grab your passport and experience your dream vacation in 27 holes. All the wonders of the world are explored in our one of a kind glow in the dark miniature golf course. Take a selfie at the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China or Amazon Jungle. 8 foot murals surround you as you navigate through our map of global landmarks. Add the 3D glasses (+$2.00) for a visual better than IMAX.

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Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio

Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio
image via: Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio

Field of Light Installation | Paso Robles, CA | $27 – $30.00 + Fees

Internationally-acclaimed artist Bruce Munro has premiered his largest artwork to date—an enormous multi-acre walk-through installation—at Sensorio in Paso Robles, California. Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio is comprised of an array of over 58,800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber-optics, gently illuminating the landscape in subtle blooms of morphing color that describe the undulating landscape.

Powered by solar, the stunning exhibition will captivate visitors, inviting them to engage with the landscape and environment through an ethereal light-based and sculptural experience.

Smithsonian Magazine has called Munro’s art “stunning,” while The Guardian noted, “This is art you feel, rather than art you view.”

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