Paint with us at home. Our Virtual Painting Classes are now Live!

Virtual Painting Party

Crazy time’s we’re living in these days. After having to cancel all of our upcoming public events, we’ve taken The Paint Sesh Virtual! With a full new set of online streaming events, now you can paint with us from home. Gather your painting supplies, grab a drink or snack and log in to one of our upcoming virtual painting classes… ahem.. PARTIES! We like to do it a little different. If you’ve already painted with us, you already know. Nothing but great vibes, upbeat music and step by step instructions to creating your own masterpiece at home. Our Virtual Painting Events are around an hour and a half to two hours long. Depending on the virtual painting, the times may vary. See each individual sesh for length details. They say, creative time, is never time wasted, so invest in your creativity and feel good about a different kind of “night in”!

How often are there virtual painting classes?

We have virtual painting events, scheduled for just about every day of the week, and even twice a day around the weekends. With different times of the day, and painting options, there’s a painting party for everyone! We have Virtual Paint Night, Virtual Paint Afternoon and Virtual Paint Evening, so there’s no excuse, book your sesh now to save your spot! No experience needed, just a few supplies. Click here to view our upcoming Virtual Painting Events.


What Supplies Do I Need For A Virtual Painting Class?

Each class will utilize different acrylic colors, but for the most part the rest of the supplies will be about the same.

  1. Computer / Laptop or Mobile Viewing Device: Whichever you prefer, we suggest a larger device.
  2. Painting Surface: We recommend a 11×14 but you can really paint at any size or on any surface you’d prefer.
  3. Acrylic Paints: Black, White, Phthalo Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, Optional for extra vibrancy or fun highlight colors: Hot Pink, Gold & Silver
  4. Paint Brushes:  A larger brush 3/4″ to 1″ wide, a narrow brush to paint details and thin lines.
  5. Palette: Paper plates work just fine.
  6. Water Cup: Plastic cup or one that you don’t mind getting covered in paint.
  7. Paper Towels: or old rag for cleaning the brushes

Optional Supplies: Chalk, Apron, Easel & Table Cloth or Newspaper to cover your workspace.

For a more in depth guide to which supplies we recommend, check out our Acrylic Painting Supplies: Beginners Shopping List article.

Virtual Painting Class Supplies

Where Can I Purchase Painting Supplies?

Supplies can be purchased at your local art supply shop. If there’s no local retailers, check out an art supply chain like Michael’s or order conveniently from Amazon.

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5 responses to “Paint with us at home. Our Virtual Painting Classes are now Live!”

  1. Chelsea says:

    Hi there, I would like to find out about scheduling a private virtual session. Please reach out and let me know if that is a possibility, and if we could chat to discuss. Thank you!

  2. Echo Dickerson says:

    Looking yo do a live class for office staff. Let me know if this is possible.

  3. Sondra Booker says:

    Are you looking for artist

    • Chris says:

      Hi Sondra, Unfortunately due to Covid-19 our super tiny small business is on life support and we’re doing our best to stay afloat. We most likely wont be hiring anytime soon. But we’re always hopeful, so make sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter. If we do decide to hire on more artists, we’ll be posting it on our feeds.

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