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The Paint Sesh in The Rolling Stone Article

420 Weekend couldn’t have been any better! We packed a full house for our 4/20 Paint and Puff Sesh. Woke up this morning to find out that The Paint Sesh, was mentioned on the Rolling Stone Magazine. We can hardly believe all the love the Cannabis Community has shown us in our journey so far. We love what we do and can’t wait to bring it to more places across California and the US. It’s been nothing but blood sweat and tears.. ok no tears.. just lots of fat bowls, dabs followed by some more fat joints but as each day goes by we are starting to see our hard work paying off. Slowly but surely we’re making our mark across Sunny Southern California and somehow we were able to catch the eye of the awesome peeps at the Rolling Stone Magazine!

The Paint Sesh in The Rolling Stone Article

If you’ve got some time for a good read, head on over and ready their “Rolling Stone Guide to Legal Pot in California” article where they break down some of California’s best legal cannabis activities around. We were lucky to be mentioned in their “Underground Weed-Themed Events” blurb. A small mention, but it’s had our humble faces with a smug smile since we saw the article.

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