Virtual Painting Events

The Paint Sesh now has Virtual Painting Parties!

Let’s be honest we could all use some entertainment while staying home. Don’t worry, because you’re not alone. If you want to try something unique to pass the time, Virtual Painting Parties with The Paint Sesh is the perfect option. 

Our goal is to continue to be able to connect with our customers/friends by bringing other creatives together, online. You don’t need to “go out” to have a good time. We’ll bring the fun no matter where we are! So sit back, relax and enjoy some painting fun from the comfort of your own home. Remember: home is where the art is.

Virtual Painting Party
Virtual Painting Party Love

What is a virtual painting event?

These Painting Events are held through an online streaming platform (Zoom) and guided by one of our talented painting instructors.

Enjoy all the creative fun of a Paint Sesh in the comfort of your own home.

Events range from kids, adults, & even 420 friendly. No experience needed.

You provide the painting supplies, we provide the fun!

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Painting Classes for week of May 31, 2020

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Sun 31st
Lions Mane Acrylic Painitng Class
“Lions Mane”
Virtual Event
 1:00pm PST
Mon 1st
No Public Events Tonight
Tue 2nd
Owl Be There Acrylic Painting Class
“Owl Be There”
Virtual Event
 6:00pm PST
Wed 3rd
Long Beach Lighthouse Painting Class
“Long Beach Lighthouse”
Virtual Event
 7:00pm PST
Thu 4th
No Public Events Tonight
Fri 5th
Galaxy's Edge Painting Class
“Galaxy's Edge”
Virtual Event
 7:00pm PST
Sat 6th
Sharkey Water Acrylic Painting Class
“Sharkey Water”
Virtual Event
 1:00pm PST
Paradise Beach Acrylic Painting Class
“Paradise Beach”
Virtual Event
 7:00pm PST

Online Painting Classes FAQs

Help! Where can I purchase supplies?

Complete Art Kits: Everything You Need to Get Started


*Recommended for beginners & first-timers (or choose a different art kit on Amazon.)

Individual Art Supplies: Pick out Your Own


*Don’t forget about their daily deals & coupons


What Supplies do I absolutely need?

  • Canvas: We recommend a 16 x 20 but if that’s too big a 12×16, or 11×14 also works the same.  (You could also paint over one of your old Paint Sesh paintings!)
  • Acrylic Paint:  Primary Colors  Red, Blue Yellow, Black and to start. Colors depend on the painting. 
  • Paint Brushes:  A larger brush 3/4″ to 1″ wide, a narrow brush to paint details and thin lines.
  • Plastic Palette or Paper Plate
  • Water Cup
  • Paper Towel or old rag 

Still need help with supplies? Check out this helpful Acrylic Painting Supplies Shopping List guide.

What are some other supplies that would help?

  • Easel: An easel helps to paint easier but not necessary.  You can always lay your canvas flat on a table or find something to lean it on.  
  • Drawing Utensil: If you prefer to draw things out before you paint.
  • Apron or old shirt: something to cover you and wouldn’t mind getting paint on!

How do I log in to the Zoom streaming platform?

  1. After signing up for the event on our website, you will receive a Zoom event registration e-mail. Just click the on the link and enter your information.
  2. On the day of the event, you’ll be emailed a log-in link. Just log into your zoom app, click the log-in link you were emailed and it’ll automatically connect you 🙂