Paint and Puff in San Diego at the West Coast Growers Union

We’ve been trying to bring our 420 friendly painting classes to San Diego since we started, but could never find a good fit. Chris and I reside in Riverside and have made the trip there a few times in the hopes of finding a cannabis friendly venue. Well the fourth times a charm, because we finally booked a Paint and Puff in San Diego!

The West Coast Growers Union

Okay, okay so West Coast Growers Union Lounge is located right outside of San Diego, in Santee, California. (There aren’t many cannabis friendly venues in San Diego so its close enough in my book!)

Green Gold Lounge - Santee, CAGreen Gold Lounge - Santee, CA
West Coast Growers Union – Santee, CA


West Coast Growers Union is San Diego’s first legal, private cannabis consumption lounge. WCGU is a non-profit and sanctioned by the city so you’re able to smoke your cannabis in a safe environment. You must be at least 18 years old with a valid recommendation, or aged 21 and up to be able to attend this cannabis friendly lounge. It’s a private lounge which means, the cannabis friendly lounge is members only and not open to the public, but the lounge is definitely worth being a member.

Cannabis Friendly

Feel free to BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) at this venue. They even have a large dab bar with communal dab rigs to use. It’s almost like you’ll never want to leave! There’s even talk of having Pot Poker and Dabsketball. Not to mention our 420 friendly art classes. So If you’re in the San Diego area looking for a venue that you are able to smoke you’re favorite cannabis look no further with WCGU!

Cannabis friendly art class

Paint and Puff Classes in San Diego

The Paint Sesh currently has our Paint and Puff 420 friendly art classes throughout Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire. You can about imagine we are more than ecstatic to bring our cannabis friendly Paint and Puff in San Diego. Some of our customers even have drove all the way from San Diego to Los Angeles or San Bernardino just to be apart of The Paint Sesh experience!

Whether you’re looking for a 420 friendly date night, night out with your friends, celebrate a holiday, or just because you want to smoke and paint, The Paint Sesh  won’t disappoint! Come get highly creative at the cannabis friendly: WCGU. Even if you just want to hang out and get your smoke on, the WCGU is the place to be!


Cannabis Friendly Paint and Puff in San Diego

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