420 Date Night in Southern California

The perfect 420 date night for couples in California

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with great ideas to surprise your special someone… we get it. We’ve all been there. Just swiped right, got to talkin’… now what to do?! Or it’s just been a long work week, you don’t have much time to plan something great but still want to get out and have a good time. Well, this 420 Date night might just be for you! How about an evening where you and your couple get to paint your own masterpiece accompanied by cannabis goodies and some upbeat irie music to set to mood for a relaxing evening. Maybe you’ve tried one of those popular “Paint and Sip” events where you drink and paint. Well this is sort of like that but with a 420 twist. Art can be a form of therapy and cannabis helps one relax and get into zone. A great way enjoy the present and try something different while creating new memories with your date.

Artist Chelz smoking Weed and Painting

Ok so, smoke weed and paint… What’s new?

While you could do this at home. The Sesh’s are a very communal environment where you’ll get to meet some new people who share a couple of the same interest, and possibly join in on some of the biggest rotations we’ve ever seen or been in. Sometimes you’ll see up to 5 joints, fat bowl’s and even dab rigs going around the sesh all at once.


They are B.Y.O.C. (Bring your own Cannabis) events but at a majority of the locations where we set up our “Sesh’s” there are several cannabis vendors including edibles, concentrates, flower and incredibly beautiful glass pieces. Oh, did we mention.. some of vendors even give out free dabs?! Some of the venues we set up at have art galleries, glass galleries, and eventually out in nature as the list goes. We are always booking new fun places to hold our Cannabis friendly paint events. So if you’re in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego or the Inland Empire, this is a great 420 date night to embrace your free spirit and get to spend some quality time with your companion!

Paint and Puff Art Class

But I’m not good at art..

Still on the fence because you’re not really artistically inclined? The Paint Sesh instructor will guide you step by step throughout the whole process. We usually have someone else, another artist who walks around and assists people so that you feel confident as you’re painting your personal Picasso, Rembrandt… or perhaps Monet? Whichever your style, you get to select through a range of scheduled paintings on their website and pick the one you and your date.Step By Step Painting Class

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, all you have to do is show up and we’ll set you up with a canvas, apron, brushes and even an extra plate if you need a rolling tray ;). We’ve got every aspect of the event covered and our main goal is for everyone attending the sesh to have a good time, share some laughs, enjoys a bowl.. or two.. or.. you might lose count but you can most certainly count on having a good time!

The 420 Date Night Hookup

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave ya hangin’ after you made it this far through the article. Plus we want you to give this 420 date night a try.. Here’s the hookup!

Use the code: DATESESH19 for 25% off your first two Paint and Puff Tickets with The Paint Sesh.

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  1. Amber Dodge says:

    Hi I was wondering if I could attend a paint and smoke event if I was 18 with a doctor recommendation?


    • Chris says:

      Hi Amber,
      As much as we’d love to accommodate our 18+ w/ rec. crowd, all of our Paint & Puff events are currently 21+ regardless of doctors recommendation.

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