Happy 4/20!

Happy 4/20!

It’s our favorite time of year and we couldn’t be more excited! As a 420 friendly company and this being our first year in the circuit, this is a very monumental day for us over here at The Paint Sesh. It also helps we’re just about SOLD OUT for tonight’s event in Colton, CA. Being that we’re based in Southern California, there are a ton of 420 activities and events going on tonight and 29 of you have already booked to come hang out with us and celebrate this stoner holiday with us, and we couldn’t be more thankful! We know you have plenty of options and it really means the world to us. So to that, we’d like to spark the first joint of the day to all of you awesome So-Cal peeps keeping our dreams alive!

Purple Tangie - Klean and Natural IEToday we’re puffin’ on some dank purps we got from our dude over at Klean and Natural who’s at The Elks Lodge in San Bernardino just about every day. He always has some of the most dank exotic strains out there and at a great price. If you could smell this “Purple Tangie” you might understand why I’m pretty much drawing you a map on how to get your hands on this tasty bud. Also, no this is not a sponsored shout out, we just really love some of the strains they carry! Also, we got our start as a Paint & Puff company at the SB Elks Lodge so we like to buy from the vendors there and support local business as often as we can!

We have to get back to filling paint, rolling some more joints getting ready for tonight’s sesh. If you miss tonight’s 4/20 event, don’t worry, we’ve got more to come and each event just gets better, so come on down and join us at the next sesh. See you all soon!

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-Positive Vibes
Chris & Chelz

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