Happy 4/20!

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It’s our favorite time of year and we couldn’t be more excited! As a 420 friendly company this is a very special day for us over here at The Paint Sesh. Being that we’re based in Southern California, there are a ton of 420 activities and events going on a lot of you have already signed up for our 4rd Annual Virtual Paint & Puff Sesh at 7:00PM PST. The best news is that you don’t have to be in Southern California to join us this 4/20! Our event will be VIRTUAL which means you can join us and paint from the comfort of your own home!

4/20/21 Virtual Painting Sesh
4/20/21 Virtual Painting Sesh

To get passes to our upcoming 4/20 Paint & Puff event, just click on button below!


Purple Tangie - Klean and Natural IEThis will be our Fourth Annual 4/20 Paint Sesh so we’re stoked to the gills and super excited to get our puff on with the Paint Sesh fam. Tomorrow’s event is filling up quick so be sure to sign up asap! If you miss this one, no worries. We have another fun Sesh scheduled right around the corner. Just check out our Sesh’s page for details and dates.

We have to get back to filling paint, rolling some more joints getting ready for our sesh. See you all soon!

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