Cannabis Consumption| Removing the stigma

Cannabis Consumption – Removing the stigma

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Recreational Cannabis consumption has been legal for almost a year now here in California. While certain laws and restrictions have eased up, others have taken place and still continue to restrict cannabis usage and activities surrounding the plant. The good news – it is legal to purchase and consume in the comfort of your own home or private events. There has never been a time when cannabis has been so easily accessible to the general public. A quick Weedmaps search will turn up heaps of dispensaries and delivery services which can have anything you’d like at your front door within the hour. Flower, Concentrates, Edibles, Oils, Clones, you name it, the option is there! From CBD infused bath bombs to THC infused lube, the list is endless. It is really impressive to see the innovation of the cannabis community and the technology emerging in the industry. You really could say we’re living in the “Renaissance era of Cannabis“. We just wanted to answer some questions for those of you still curious about Cannabis consumption.

Who can legally consume cannabis in California?

Cannabis Consumption is legal for Adults 21 or over as well as Adults 18+ with Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

Cannabis Plant

What Are the Natural Benefits of THC & CBD?

Research studies indicate that THC and CBD may be useful in helping with Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Digestive Health, Nausea and Vomiting, Spinal Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Side effects of Chemotherapy, PTSD and many more ailments. Here are some of the more common beneficial uses for cannabis consumption.

Pain Relief
Reduces inflammation
Suppresses appetite
Stimulates appetite
Reduces vomiting and nausea
Reduces contractions of small intestine
Relieves anxiety
Tranquilizing / Psychosis management
Reduces seizures & convulsions
Suppresses muscle spasms

Aides Sleep
Reduces efficacy of immune system
Reduces blood sugar levels
Prevents nervous system degeneration
Treats psoriasis
Reduces risk of artery blockage
Kills or slows bacteria growth
Treats fungal infection
Inhibits cell growth in tumors / cancer
Promotes bone growth

What strain is right for me?

Let’s start with the basics. What kind of a high are you looking for?
Sativa Strains – Head High, alert, uplifting and euphoric, creative, increased energy.
Indica Strains – Body High, relaxation, appetite stimulator, sleep aid and pain relief.
It’s hard to categorize which strain is right for any one person, but starting with the basic of which you’re looking for, start trying strains in either preferred category to find our which is right for you. If you’re looking to dive into the specifics and even smells, flavor and all effects of each strain, check Leafly out.

Marijuana Edible Overdose

Can I overdose on Cannabis?

The number of people who have died from a cannabis overdose: Zero.
While most cannabis consumers know that overdosing on marijuana is practically impossible, it’s a common misconception that cannabis is a lethal drug. You can certainly experience a “bad high” or unwanted symptoms from ingesting too much marijuana, but the chances that you’ll die from it are practically impossible. It all comes down to how the drug interacts with our body.

Smoking cannabis in public

Where can I smoke (or vape or eat) cannabis safely?

  1. In Private – Smoke as much weed as you like in private, so enjoy your stash at home or at your friends’ house. You can consume cannabis on private property, but only in areas where tobacco smoking isn’t already prohibited. So if you’re a renter and your landlord has specified that you can’t smoke cigarettes in your unit, you’re probably out of luck. Property owners are also permitted to specifically ban the use and possession of cannabis on their properties.
  2. Cannabis cafés or lounges – State law allows local jurisdictions to permit onsite cannabis consumption, provided that it takes place in an age-restricted area that isn’t visible from any public place, and neither alcohol nor tobacco is allowed on the premises. Still, most cities in Southern California have so far decided not to license those types of businesses. We’ve had our radar out for lounges and truth be told, most of them have come and gone. Hitman Coffee Shop has just announced their doors have closed, same with the Alchemy Lounge, The Omni Lounge. The Wake and Bake Breakfast Club has closed their doors as well but is said to open a new location in late November.
  3. Cannabis Friendly Festivals – Southern California is host to some of the nations largest cannabis competitions and festivals. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for dates but some of the more notable festivals to keep on your radar are: Kushstock, High Times Cannabis Cup, High Life Music Fest, Chalice and the Kush Expo.
  4. Private Cannabis Friendly Events – There are several websites and event promoters that cater specifically to 420 friendly events. has a great selection of Cannabis Activities ranging from Cannabis Infused Dinners to Business Growth Seminars, 420 Painting Classes, Yoga and much more.
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