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Setting up a creative environment – Chelz’s creative process

Coming up with a painting concept might seem like an easy task, but theres a certain creative process I follow to make sure I’m in the right head space. Sometimes the environment around me plays an important role when its time to start painting. Which is why setting up a creative environment helps my creative process when I’m trying to create a new Paint Sesh painting to add to our gallery or working on a personal or commissioned painting for Chelzart.


1. Clean Work Area

Having a clean place to create is the most important apart of my process I follow. Who wants to paint when theres a cluttered mess surrounding you? I sure as heck don’t. It makes me feel trapped which is the complete opposite of how I want to feel before I start painting. Clean work area, is a happy work area.

2. Background Noise

Kudos to anyone that can paint in silence. I’ve tried painting without any noise before and it just doesn’t work for me. I either need music playing or a good podcast on when I’m painting. My music taste varies, since I like a wide variety of music but I tend to stick with more mellow beats. The band Local Natives is probably my go to when I’m trying to do any sort of art. As for the podcast the Unmistakable Creative is the podcast I listen to religiously. (If you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re missing out!) Good background noise helps you to zone out into whatever you’re creating.


3. References, References, References

If I don’t have some sort of reference in front of me, I cant think of a good concept. No matter how advanced of a painter you are, I think its always a good idea to have a good reference. This part of the creative process helps with getting the composition just right.


4. Sativa, Yes Please

Due to my overthinking ways, I like to be puffing on some Sativa when I’m painting. This step isn’t mandatory for the people who don’t partake in cannabis but I do find it to be beneficial if your a critical painter like myself. If you do smoke and haven’t tried painting while your’e puffing I highly recommend joining one of our Paint & Puff sesh’s. The two go hand-and-hand leaving you feeling uplifted.


5. Stay Hydrated

Always have a water bottle near by. (Especially when I’m smoking on that sativa, nobody wants cotton mouth.) If its earlier in the morning I gotta have that coffee before I can do anything productive. By night time, I like sipping on a glass of Cab or a fruitier flavored IPA. I call it an added confidence booster.


6. Rise and Shine

The mornings seem to be the best time for me to paint. I like having the natural light to paint with, exposing all the vibrant colors on my canvas. It always just starts my day off so perfectly which puts me in a good state of mind throughout rest of the day.


When I follow my creative process, the painting pretty much paints itself. It might not work for everyone but it helps me and maybe it will work for you too! Your creativity only work when you do. 

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