Veterans Walk & Talk in Southern California

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Collin Wells - Veterans Walk and Talk
Collin Wells – Founder of Veterans Walk and Talk

What an honor it is to be able to join these incredible men and women on a beautiful hike in Southern California. Our hike to us high into the Malibu clouds on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. The Veterans Walk and Talk group meets up weekly for a fun hike and an opportunity to get to meet new veterans, talk to those who need an ear to listen to them or just enjoy the presence of a fellow cannabis smoker. We got to join along a couple weeks back to see what it’s all about and make some new friends in the process. A good mix of veterans and “civilians” as they would say making our way up the mountain and talking to our new friends about life, hobbies, family, work and what keeps everyone going through our daily trials and tribulations. For us this was a great experience to just get out of the house and get some sunshine but for some of our Veteran friends this is more than just getting out. This is a chance for them to lean on a fellow brother or sister to vent, talk or just be in the presence of someone who understands what they might be going though.

View on Backbone Ridge Trail - Malibu
The view on the Backbone Ridge Trail – Malibu (Photo credit: Chelz Franzer)
Veterans Walk and Talk in Malibu, CA
Veterans Walk and Talk in Malibu, CA

Our friend Colin Wells started this hiking group to bring veterans closer and bring awareness to the healing powers of cannabis medicine combined with community in the great outdoors. Veterans Walk and Talk organizes weekly hikes where human connection and communication bring people together and form a network of positive interactions that veterans can rely on to be able to vent, or express themselves and know that there is a group that no matter what will always have their six. If you’re not a veteran this is a great experience to get to meet some of the nations greatest men and women, make new friends and experience the great outdoors with a great group of people.

Everyone might have a different reason to be there, but as we made our way up the trail you could hear in depth conversations every which way you turned bringing new people together that might not have been able to share this experience elsewhere. The good vibes combined with some of the best cannabis around and some of the most incredible souls made this a day to remember and a new activity for us to mark on our calendar when we can come make it out to join this group of incredible people.

Be sure to go follow their Instagram account to stay up to date on upcoming hikes. Hope to see you at the next one!

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