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Paint and Puff in San Diego at the West Coast Growers Union
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We’ve been trying to bring our 420 friendly painting classes to San Diego since we started, but could never find a good fit. Chris and I reside in Riverside and have made the trip there a few times in the … Read More

Wake and Bake Cafe in North Hollywood, CA
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The Paint Sesh is proud to announce to be at a new venue in LA: Wake and Bake Breakfast Club. We had a successful first Paint and Puff event and will now be at the Wake and Bake Cafe on … Read More

Deciding what to paint next: Art Instructor Struggle
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Deciding what to paint next for The Paint Sesh is its own process. How do I choose what would make a good subject to paint for a class? YIKES, talk about pressure! Not everyone likes the same things so its … Read More

Setting up a creative environment – Chelz’s creative process
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Coming up with a painting concept might seem like an easy task, but theres a certain creative process I follow to make sure I’m in the right head space. Sometimes the environment around me plays an important role when its … Read More

It’s Summer Painting Party Season in So-Cal!
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It’s that time of year where the weather is perfect and all you want to do is have a few people over for a get together in the comfort of your own home. Whether its for a birthday party, barbecue, … Read More

The Paint Sesh in the High Times Summer Guide!
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Gotta love when you get a Google Alert and it’s tellin’ ya High Times just posted an article about your business! The Paint Sesh got a nice shout-out in “The Ultimate Guide to 420-Friendly Summer Events in Los Angeles.” They … Read More

We’ll be painting in Long Beach, CA!
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We couldn’t be more excited to announce, we’re bringing The Paint Sesh to Long Beach!!! We’ve booked the first of what hopefully will be a long series of fun painting classes and activities in Long Beach. We’ll be  doing our “Paint … Read More

PRESS: The Paint Sesh in the Rolling Stone!
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420 Weekend couldn’t have been any better! We packed a full house for our 4/20 Paint and Puff Sesh. Woke up this morning to find out that The Paint Sesh, was mentioned on the Rolling Stone Magazine. We can hardly … Read More

Paint and Puff Enamel Pins Now Available
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The Paint Sesh Shop is now open and ready for business! Just added some custom Magic Brush lapel pins to our newly added shop. Taking into account that most people like to have color options, we have purple, green, and … Read More

Curing your painted glassware masterpieces
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How to cure the paint on your painted glassware. The paint we use is permanent after air drying for 21 days or can be baked to expedite permanence. For glass that will be washed in the top rack of the … Read More

Some dank tunes to jam while you’re painting: Good Vibes Reggae Playlist
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Sometimes you just want to zone out and forget about picking a song to listen to so we’ve started to compile some playlists for you to do your thing to. As time goes we’ll start to add some fun genre … Read More

Defending Delivery – Short Documentary
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Just finished watching Weedmaps Defending Delivery Short Documentary and had to re-post! A Must watch for those who think that Cannabis delivery drivers are just glorified drug dealers. The Weedmaps team spent a day following a Los Angeles delivery service … Read More

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