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Some dank tunes to jam while you’re painting: Good Vibes Reggae Playlist
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Sometimes you just want to zone out and forget about picking a song to listen to so we’ve started to compile some playlists for you to do your thing to. As time goes we’ll start to add some fun genre … Read More

Defending Delivery – Short Documentary
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Just finished watching Weedmaps Defending Delivery Short Documentary and had to re-post! A Must watch for those who think that Cannabis delivery drivers are just glorified drug dealers. The Weedmaps team spent a day following a Los Angeles delivery service … Read More

Veterans Walk & Talk in Southern California
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What an honor it is to be able to join these incredible men and women on a beautiful hike in Southern California. Our hike to us high into the Malibu clouds on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. The Veterans Walk … Read More

Paint & Puff in Los Angeles with The Paint Sesh
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We’ve finally booked a couple different venues for the greater Los Angeles area! The Paint Sesh will be painting and puffin’ at Meen Green’s Playhouse at “The Day Sesh”, as well as another venue TBA soon. Stay tuned for that … Read More

The perfect 420 date night for couples in California
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Sometimes it’s hard to come up with great ideas to surprise your special someone… we get it. We’ve all been there. Just swiped right, got to talkin’… now what to do?! Or it’s just been a long work week, you … Read More

Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas from The Paint Sesh! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! We’ve both been a little under the weather, but we’re still having fun over here. Oh and we’ve got some new paintings to be scheduled shortly after … Read More

The holidays are the best time to craft with friends and family!
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Yesterday was an exciting Paint Sesh Event. My mom flew in from Ohio and was able to attend our paint and sip event! Needless to say I’m pretty sure she had a good time! ? Always wonderful to have the … Read More

Come paint Mt. Rubidoux at MTL in Riverside, CA
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Anyone else in Riverside hiked to Mt. Rubidoux? I’ve you’re a local, than odds are the anser is yes, many times! How about paint Mt. Rubidoux? Well we’ll be doing a “Mt. Rubidoux” Paint Sesh at Mission Tobacco Lounge on … Read More

Book your Holiday Painting Party with The Paint Sesh
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‘Tis the season for holiday parties… Need some fun creativity at your next holiday party? Then look no further! The Paint Sesh will provide all the necessary painting supplies for you to have a great painting party. We set everything … Read More

Paint, puff and positive vibes!
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We’ve booked another 420 Venue for our next Paint Sesh! November 16th we’ll be hosting another Paint and Puff “Sesh”. This event will be held in Winchester, CA at the Heady Hitters Sesh (31195 Wickerd Rd. Winchester, CA) from 7:10 … Read More

The first “Paint Sesh” was a success!
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I'd like to thank everyone that came out to our grand launching event! The Paint Sesh this afternoon went off without a hitch and has set a great precedence for more fun and exciting sesh's to come. We almost had … Read More
Puff Pass and Paint the night away in San Bernardino!
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That’s right, we’ve booked a 420 Venue for our next Paint Sesh! November 9th we’ll be kicking off our first Paint and Puff “Sesh”. This event will be held in San Bernardino at The Elks Lodge (1073 N Mt. Vernon … Read More

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