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Happy 4/20!
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It’s our favorite time of year and we couldn’t be more excited! As a 420 friendly company this is a very special day for us over here at The Paint Sesh. Being that we’re based in Southern California, there are … Read More

The Paint Sesh is seeking venues!
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As we expand and explore through Southern California, we like to have new places to pop up and keep our events interesting. The Paint Sesh is currently seeking Venues in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego (Especially Cannabis-Friendly Venues). … Read More

Press: Article about The Paint Sesh by RCC Viewpoints
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Yay! Another great article written about us. This time by Adriana Lopez at RCC Viewpoints.  We love getting to read about our business from an outside perspective and it was nice to have this fun article written about us. Be … Read More

Things to do on 4/20 2019 in Southern California
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We love 4/20! A great time to get together with friends and smoke out. Enjoy some tasty munchies and maybe join in on a fun activity. Some of us might like to slide in slowly and puff here and there. … Read More

Help bring the Cheech Marin Collection to Riverside!
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Riverside is set to receive a new art space in a mid-century setting, it will be, as Cheech says, the “center of Chicano art, not only painting, but sculpture, photography, and video arts.” Opening in 2020, The Cheech explores Chicano … Read More

Top 10 places to visit for art lovers in Long Beach, California
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The Long Beach art community is a has always embraced us with open arms. Before we started teaching our painting classes, we lived there for a couple of years and we really fell in love with all that Long Beach … Read More

Top 10 places to visit for art lovers in Riverside, California
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Being that Riverside is our businesses hometown, it was only natural we compile the best places to visit for art lovers in Riverside, California.  We love Riverside and its rich passion for the arts! It’s a great city to be … Read More

Acrylic Painting Tips: A Beginners Guide
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The idea of learning how to paint with acrylics might have you feeling overwhelmed. Painting can be scary because all you want to do is create that perfect piece of art, whether you’re attending a public painting class, or you’re … Read More

Mashable Mention: 15 weed-themed gifts that aren’t…
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It’s always nice to get a mention on the web. Had a follower on Instagram let us know they saw us on Mashable, so I had to go peep it out! 15 weed-themed gifts that aren’t covered in tacky pot … Read More

Shop Small with Us! – Small Business Saturday 2018
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Once the grazing is done and the leftovers are in the fridge, it’s time to get serious about holiday shopping. And Small Business Saturday is a great way to get a jump on it. Shop Small and support your local … Read More

Cannabis Consumption – Removing the stigma
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Recreational Cannabis consumption has been legal for almost a year now here in California. While certain laws and restrictions have eased up, others have taken place and still continue to restrict cannabis usage and activities surrounding the plant. The good … Read More

It’s our birthday!
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Today marks our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s been a fun journey so far and we are extremely thankful for everyone’s support along the way! To celebrate we’ve hooked everyone up with a sweet deal. … Read More

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