Does Smoking Pot Make You More Creative?

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Smoking Cannabis and CreativityMarijuana has become an everyday debate on its various health benefits, both physical and mental. The CBD compound, with its extensive medical benefits, has hit the market hard. However, its THC counterpart, with its psychoactive effects, is now having other benefits arising from its use. One of the advantages is having a creative impact on individuals, making people more creative than they originally were. However, does smoking pot makes you more creative?

Cerebral Blood Flow

Studies indicate that cannabis may have an impact on your creativity levels. Marijuana induces blood flow to the frontal lobe, and as a result, it elicits a spark of creativity. Since creativity levels basis is on an individual’s frontal lobe in the brain, increasing blood flow to the region indicates that there might be a change in your creativity. Blood flow to the frontal lobe is what scientist’s term as cerebral blood flow or the CBF.

Alice Flaherty says that individuals considered to be highly creative have higher frontal lobe activities on a specific baseline. Besides, he indicates that there is a continuous increase in the operation of the frontal lobes as high creativity individuals partake in creative activities. In comparison to individuals with low creativity levels, their frontal lobe activities are minimal, and there is little increase in activity when engaging in other creative activities.

The creativity levels increase comes in association with divergent thinking. The frontal lobe harbors this specific brain feature associated with highly creative individuals.

What is divergent thinking?

Divergent Thinking
Divergent thinking is a measure that indicates an individual’s level of creativity. It is a type of thinking that allows individuals to come up with different and creative purposes or a specific item. It explores different solutions and alternatives. For it to be divergent thinking, it has to fulfill the following determinants:

  • Spontaneous or immediate.
  • Flow freely without hindrances and second-guessing.
  • Non-linear in nature.

Divergent thinking is a characteristic that employs several measures, including:

  • Continuous brainstorming.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Free thought and writing.
  • Unique ideas.

For instance, a study shows the level of divergent thinking in its participants. The study employed cannabis or hash use in high and low dosage levels for different individuals. Later, they administered a test asking for various creative applications for two separate but everyday items. They were to list as many users as possible and had to match the above determinants of divergent thinking.

Dosage levels for Creativity to ensure

Cannabis Dosage

From the above study, high doses of cannabis seemed to lower an individual’s creativity levels. On the other hand, lower doses induced little creativity in individuals with established low creativity levels.

In another study, the dosage levels of cannabis with THC delivery of different milligrams to participants had the aim of establishing if the dosage affects creativity in an individual. One group with 5.5 mg and the other 22mg and the scientists administered another test. The significant results indicated a change in free-flow or fluency of ideas, better originality, and increased flexibility in individuals with low dosage. High dosages limited the creative capabilities of the users, regardless of their established creativity levels initially.

Increases the Hyper-Priming Process

It is the process through which the brain can make connections or link two unrelated but similar items. Marijuana has a positive effect on the brain parts responsible for carrying out this specific function. Therefore, individuals can connect the dots and make genuine concrete realizations or discoveries.

As a result, marijuana is famous for its use by different artists. It opens the mind to other possibilities such that you regard items differently. From this new perception of different things, you can create, develop, and innovatively execute different ideas.

Openness to Experience

Cannabis Experience

Another study associates cannabis and creativity as an enhancement of different personality traits in specific openness to experience. It indicates that cannabis helps expand an individual’s horizons in mind, which enhances creativity. As a result, individuals are more:

  • Open to reality.
  • Have no inhibitions allowing them to explore out of their comfort zones.
  • Seek new adventures and experiences.
  • Open to trying more mind-altering compounds that make them more creative.

The importance of having a small dose of cannabis may increase your levels of creativity. As a result, you may end up generating working solutions for a specific problem you might be facing.

How to use cannabis for creativity

Well, finding the right cannabis product with the proper smoking mechanism is the first step. Then explore new and current cannabis products to give you the high you need without being psychoactive. Besides, be sure of the dosage levels before you start smoking marijuana to improve your creativity levels. Finally, know that cannabis has many different effects and may end up having no impact on your creativity levels.

Cannabis and Creativity

If you are a first time user, you should take it slow. Gradually, experiment on different cannabis strains until you find one that works for you. Also, understand that anyone can be creative, and the skill may be deep down; taking cannabis may be what you need to open up that locked potential.

Therefore, if planning to use cannabis, be sure to put your original items close. Collect your paintbrushes, paint, and canvas or your notebook, guitar and place them somewhere that is easy to reach. You can now smoke your marijuana and wait for the effects to settle in and start creating something extraordinary.


There is a need for more studies on the relationship between pot and creativity. However, as of now, it is comfortable to say that cannabis increases blood flow to the brain, which stimulates an individual’s creativity. Cannabis does determine the level of creativity with a high dose hindering the performance. Also, if not creative, cannabis enhances your creative self a little. Finally, it is crucial to determine what cannabis products to use to improve your creativity levels; find weed seeds that ship to the USA here.

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