Some dank tunes to jam while you’re painting: Good Vibes Reggae Playlist

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Sometimes you just want to zone out and forget about picking a song to listen to so we’ve started to compile some playlists for you to do your thing to. As time goes we’ll start to add some fun genre themed mixes for you to be able to just paint and play. We think we’ve put together a pretty good reggae playlist. We’ve thrown in some dub influenced remixes, hip-hop, funk and a couple other oddities to mix it up so we hope you enjoy! We’re always open to suggestions, so if you have some tunes you think would be good to add to our list “Good Vibes Reggae Playlist”… Or have a good playlist you’d like to contribute,  leave a comment down below. Or if you found a new song that you’re totally vibin’ on leave it in the comments as well. We love hearing what you’re into!

The Good Vibes Reggae Playlist

1. Alborosi – Police

2. The Garden – Tribal Seeds
3. Bush Doctor – Peter Tosh
4. So High – Konsheds, Delus
5. Good Enuff – (feat. Collie Buddz & Lindi Ortega)
6. Fugazi – Long Beach Dub All-Stars
7. Riding High – Faze-O
8. Kingston Town – Alborosi
9. Herbalist – Alborosi
10. James Brown – I Feel Good (Pretty Light Remix)
11. Santeria – Sublime
12. I Would Do for You – Slightly Stoopid
13. Bob Marley – Roots, Rock, Reggae
Of course no good reggae playlist is complete without a little Bob Marley. This one’s a classic so we had to add it in.
14. Damian Marley – Road to Zion ft. Naz
15. Girl from Codeine City – L-Wiz, Dub Police, Justice
16. You Wish – Nightmares on Wax
17. Herbsman Hustling – Sugar Minott
18. I Get Lifted – George McCrae
Nothing better than mixing it up with little feel good funk. Had to have some classic George McCrae in the mix.
19. Soldier On [Rusko Remix] – The Temper Trap
20. Damian Marley – Welcome to Jamrock

We hop you enjoyed our playlist. If you’re looking for more awesome playlists or creative painting videos, be sure to give our YouTube Channel a follow.

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