California Cannabis Laws & Regulations

Here is where we show you the most recent and relevant updates and advancements in California cannabis laws and regulations.  We will always try to provide you the most accurate and up to date information as possible.  We want to make sure you have enough information and feel comfortable and secure in your cannabis use at our events. We have provided the laws and regulations guide as an example of current California cannabis laws.  Please visit the appropriate state websites to get further information.  Visit the FAQ section for common questions and answers.

Is Pot Legal in California? (Common terms for Cannabis: Pot, Marijuana, Ganja, Mary Jane)

  • Yes! All adults 21+  are able to purchase and consume (pot) cannabis while in California.  You DO NOT need to be a California resident.

Adult Cannabis Use 21+ (recreational)

– Basic Rules of Use and Purchase
  • All adults age 21+ are allowed to purchase and possess up to 1 oz of cannabis flower and/or 8 grams of concentrate cannabis.
  • Valid government issued ID is required to purchase from a licensed dispensary (out of state ID’s are accepted but passport is recommended).
  • Adults 21+ can give up to 1 oz of cannabis to another adult 21+ for no compensation.   However if anything is received in return, which includes money or other items of value a license would be required.  (Exception: You are able to “trade” cannabis with another adult as long as there is no additional compensation)
  • Smoking cannabis is ALLOWED “inside” private property only.
  • Police are not allowed to use the “smell” of cannabis to search & seize you.
  • Prop 64 does not supercede employer or property owner policies. (Employers can terminate employment and can get evicted from some rental properties, however more and more landlords and employers are wising up to cannabis and even many employer drug tests have removed cannabis from the panel)
  • DO NOT smoke or consume cannabis while you are within 1000 feet of a school or park.
  • DO NOT smoke or consume cannabis while operating any vehicle used for transportation (car, boat, motorcycle, RV etc).
  • DO NOT smoke or consume cannabis while in a public area (ex: parks, stores, parking lots, restaurants, or even your front yard)
  • DO NOT bring any cannabis products out of California. (This also means no bringing California cannabis into states in which its also legal. If authorities catch you bringing over any California border, it is a felony).  Keep California cannabis in California.

Cannabis for Medical Use

  • All recreational cannabis rules apply except you are allowed to purchase cannabis from dispensaries at 18+ years of age.
  • A medical card is required for retail tax exemption


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